Is theology anything more than a bunch of smart people making

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canada goose uk shop Why am I reading theology?Under the tutelage of the estimable Eric MacDonald, I have spent several weeks reading Christian theology. And so far, I have learned only three things:1. I am spending my middle age reading drivel about beliefs that have no basis in fact. This seems canada goose womens outlet a total waste of time. I could be reading books about real things instead.2. Theologians can write. A lot of what they have to say is postmodern or obscure canada goose outlet store new york bafflegab, and I starting to believe that this obscurantism is deliberate because of reason 3 (below). I have for example, just opened my book (An Introduction to Christian Theology, edited by Roger A. Badham) to a random chapter, which turned out to be theology and the current church struggle by John B. Cobb, Jr. (Process theology holds that god is not immutable but changes over time, and so does his creation, not totally under his direction.) And there I find this, in a discussion of Alfred North Whitehead (one of the founders of this each occasion transcends the causality of the past by responding to it with more or less originality. This requires that physical prehensions are supplemented by ones. Thus, in addition to prehending past events, an occasion also takes account of possibilities ingredient in those events or closely related to them. Just how it relates these possibilities to the actualities it feels is its That means that in a situation that is inherently indeterminate, there is a determinate outcome Other possibilities are cut off.Believe me, the book contains paragraphs far more obscure and pretentious than this one. Can you imagine reading this stuff night after night? Do you see why my head feels about to explode? Eric, why are you doing this to me?3. There seems to be no behind theology, and I haven learned anything not even any clever philosophy. One gets the strong sense when reading theology (and granted, I am biased) that everyone canada goose outlet ottawa is just making stuff up.I canada goose outlet us trying to learn theology so I can meet head on the argument that atheists are ignorant of theology and hence unqualified to combat religion. But it doesn take much reading to realize that we already know the best way to challenge theologians: ask them do you know that what you saying describes anything about reality? and do you know that your take on reality is better than that of other theologians? I persist, and am asking readers, particularly if they have some knowledge of theology, if they have any insight into the following questions. I am dead serious here, and not looking for sarcastic answers. I even hoping that some real theologians will read this and provide some answers.What are the arguments for god existence in the new sophisticated theology that aren taken up and refuted in The God Delusion? I canada goose outlet boston must say that I haven found any; in fact, there are few arguments for god existence at all in what I read: people just assume he/she/it is real and go from there. So the idea adumbrated by Francis Collins in yesterday post that god uses evolution as his means of creating canada goose outlet factory humans, is not an advance in theology. It is a change in theology confected to accommodate an advance in science. Ditto with the 1978 canada goose outlet vip by Mormon bigwigs that it was okay after all for blacks to enter its priesthood.What knowledge about the world (or about god) has theology produced? By I mean about the way things are and here I explicitly rule out philosophical advances that aren directly rooted in faith.Is theology anything more than a bunch of smart people making stuff up and couching it in academic language? If it isn then we already have the armamentarium canada goose factory outlet to combat it: requests for evidence. If it is, what are its major accomplishments?I know I repeating the frustration I expressed in earlier posts, but I don want to waste months of my canada goose outlet store calgary life reading this stuff if there nothing to be gained from it except the ability to say to my opponents, I do know about theological schools X, Y, and Z. Why bother to torture our brains if we can simply ask theologians to prove, using evidence and reason, that their viewpoint is correct, and canada goose outlet store uk better than that of either atheists or other theologians?I starting to think that modern theology is simply postmodern literary criticism applied to a single book of fiction.Sounds very much like someone has offered you a plate of a substance they are calling pat, but which in fact is dog food having already been processed through the canada goose outlet legit gut of the dog. How many bites must one sample, before reaching the conclusion that it not the delicacy advertised on the menu?You could, of course, promise that you would only sample another dish if they actually show you how it is made first you where the assumptions come from, show you what evidence goes into the process to begin canada goose jacket outlet store with of course, they hesitate, knowing that if they open the kitchen door, you catch sight of a Great Dane in that stereotypical squat.I starting to see that modern theology is simply postmodern literary criticism applied to a single book of fiction. I think canada goose factory outlet toronto location this is an apt description and also an moment for me. I wondered in my apostasy why I ever gave power to religious mumbo jumbo but, I think, in hind sight, that the literary expression in its myth and the post modern attempts to apply that myth to life, tweaked the playwright and former literature student in me.To answer question 1, I don know if Dawkins adequately addresses the Jamesian concept of God that drives the power notion found in 12 step recovery groups, and, the rhetorical arguments of religion, but relationship found in mega church theology and Rick Warren Driven Life This notion is the Modern form of faith found in pragmatism that William James espoused, where a belief in god is not determined in its ontology, but rather, in how useful that belief has on allowing the believer to canada goose outlet online store review make self beneficial life choices.Maybe some of the aspects of confirmation bias Dr. Dawkins canada goose outlet niagara falls addresses does touch on this but I don know canada goose outlet website legit if he takes it on head first. It is an easy argument to defeat although convincing the believer of their defeat is nearly impossible, seeing that the believer has tied their self preservation to their belief system.Yes, that how I defeat it philosophically but, the premise from which the believer in this type of usually operates out of canada goose premium outlet is a deep self hatred or distrust and, therefore, any invitation to critical canada goose outlet nyc thinking is, for them, a path to self destruction. Most of the people I know canada goose outlet hong kong who believe this have fallen victim to some form of addiction, prior to their belief, and therefore, assume they are powerless to stop their bad habits without the intervention of a deity. They think they think with something other than their brain when making choices and don want to let go of this sense They also choose to join groups that reinforce their confirmation biases and, in that canada goose outlet 2015 context, is They, at base, are narcissists who use their self centeredness in a mostly benign way and conform to status quo ideas of and therefore assuming canada goose outlet in new york they are moral. When they compare themselves to their former socio pathic selves, they are… the stones… so calm… Cunard… unfinished… I yet to make it though one of their dreary texts. I canada goose outlet toronto factory have no doubt that the bafflegab is purely a cover for mediocre ideas that could be presented in a 6 page pamphlet if they were written coherently. It wouldn look so impressive though, canada goose outlet store toronto would it? I found canada goose outlet sale Bart Ehrmann books to be readable, but they are more history of theology than modern theology. Since most christians don have a clue about even the most basic theology, never mind the sophisticated version, they are still full of useful material.Neil, it might canada goose outlet washington dc be useful to ask theologians who consider all of us naturalists to be such philistines to make a high level quick guide to theological arguments; the Cliff Notes to theology. If canada goose outlet usa there something of substance here, we genuinely like to know it I think. If they really want to change our minds, this seems to be worth their time. But I not convinced that:a) talk to us because they really want to convince us (I think they mostly doing it as a confrontation to the secular world to score points in their own community and make themselves feel awesomeb) Plus, once we have such a quick guide, then they lose the don understand sophisticated argument X Y and Z retortc) And finally, incoherent mess doesn lend itself well to concise paraphrasing. An attempt at such canada goose outlet a guide would quickly reveal this; but if there is such a guide that boils it down clearly, this would go a long way to making us take it more seriously.I also found it pretty childish and it seemed clear that Keller was not aware of the reasons atheists really disbelieve.He also uses the word to refer to people who have never thought about their beliefs, or who believe that if there is no God you should be healthy and use drugs will have to check out that blog review canada goose uk shop.

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