Seidemann told [the reporter]in an email that his department

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uk canada goose CUNY professor accused of violating Title IX without any mention of sexI think we learned yesterday or at least I did that sexual harassment of women, including physical harassment like groping, is far more prevalent than assumed. We clearly need to do something about the issue, which means that men themselves must alsorecognize its prevalence. So besides admiration for the brave women who reported what happened to them, often using their real names,I was also heartened by all the good men who supportedthose women. As always, the readers here are a great bunchBut I also have to report overreaction, in which accusations of sexual harassment have gone overboard.The professor, David Seidemann has refused to comply, and for good reason.According to Seidemann, a university administrator expressed three grievances about the syllabus. First, and most quizzically, the grading portion of the syllabus suggests sexual harassment. It reads, deportment, effort etc. 10% (applied only to select students when appropriate). it. That sexual harassment, Seidemann department chair claimed.Why? No one explained canada goose outlet authentic it to him. I gather that the etc was taken the wrong way: a completely canada goose outlet store calgary unreasonable person could presume Seidemann was suggesting that sexual favors would boost the grades of students… Seidemann told [the reporter]in an email that his department chair said 10% section could be construed as a prelude to sexual harassment, and had to be changed at once.This order apparently came from the Director canada goose outlet hong kong of Diversity Investigations and Title IX Enforcement. In the course of Seidemann interactions with the director, he realized something quite stunning: there was no record of anyone actually complaining about the syllabus. The university had apparently launched this investigation on its own.Seidemann was also initially in trouble for writing in his syllabus, classroom is an space for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome. But the director eventually conceded this was fine.Apparently the troubles were compounded by Seidemann using triangles instead of quotations marks around terms like space is how far it gone in some places, and part of the problem is that the Title IX guidelines are confusing canada goose premium outlet and even a bit draconian. If you look at the link in the previous sentence, you find the story of a male student expelled from the University of Colorado at Pueblo because someone reported that his girlfriend had a hickey on her neck. That canada goose outlet in canada was canada goose outlet belgium reported as rape, and even the girlfriend testimony that the relationship was purely consensual couldn prevent the expulsion. That the kind of evidence that Title IX takes as sufficient cause for punishment. I predicted, and it now happening, that colleges will now incur a spate of lawsuits because of this kind of bizarre and unfair punishment. And that, too, is the story of David Seidemann and his grading. (To be sure, I wouldn have applied that standard to students but maybe Seidemann meant that students who misbehaved would be penalized.Seidemann was also initially in trouble for writing in his syllabus, “This classroom is an ‘unsafe space’ for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome.” But the director eventually conceded this was fine.How So, evidently, leftists would like the university to require professors to give out trigger warnings. But declares it harassment when they do.Well, that does make a strange sort of sense. If we premise that their real goal is not warnings but eliminating content they disapprove of, then instituting damned if you warn damned if you don rules is a pretty effective way to do that.I think what this should signal to most of us is that people in general are not really capable of handling this issue (sexual harassment). It one of those things that should be handled by the professionals. Just like when you need a lawyer or need your car worked on.Some time back I briefly explained what actions were taken by the company I use to work for to canada goose outlet in toronto get sexual harassment under control and nearly eliminated from the company. Almost any large firm and certainly the Universities could do the same. It is not that hard once you see it in place and working. Now if you are also discussing sexual assault and rape, that must go directly to the police.Think of the problems in the Catholic church. Can the church officials hand them It must be handled by the legal system and the police.Just to finish I remember our company held classes canada goose outlet niagara falls all the time on sexual harassment and tried to do it through internal education. You can not do it this way. It is a waste of canada goose outlet location time. Either you get serious or you get nowhere.I should probably just stay out of this conversation as the people here in the posting are not professionals or experts in sexual harassment or at least do not appear to be. I know nothing about directors of diversity or Title IX.The EEO trained canada goose outlet black friday investigators within the legal department of the institution are the only ones I am familiar with. They don give classes in sexual harassment to students or persons in general that work for firms. They investigate and prosecute sexual assault allegations. They are not in the teaching field or training business.The general student canada goose outlet real population could be educated in regards to sexual harassment as could the teaching staff but they should not canada goose outlet uk have anything to do with handling sexual harassment other than turning in reports to the professional who do the investigations. You cannot handle this issue within the chain of command at any institution. That is only a guarantee of failure.Good question. Sounds like it should be logical right? But personally, I have been harrassed so many times I have lost count. I am a middle age, average mother and wife special, but it doesn stop men from making inappropriate comments in the grocery store. Try to prove that one without a video recording the incident. The reason so many do not accuse harassment is for that reason alone. I honestly canada goose sale uk don have an answer but I know it cannot all lie on the shoulders of the victim whether it canada goose outlet online store be a man or a woman.I agree that is likely the reason so many go un reported. Certainly the responsibility for NOT harassing you should always be on the shoulders of those men. But accusing someone of something anything is altogether different. It is unfortunate that people feel that because they might not be believed they don report crimes, but our legal system would be utterly worthless canada goose outlet black friday sale if the burden of proof is on those accused of the crime.It is men who harass who need to change, not the way our legal system is supposed to canada goose parka outlet uk men who harass who need to change, not the canada goose outlet way our legal system is supposed to work. phrase to work, identifies a major canada goose outlet phone number failing in the system. The legal system is administered by people and those people are part of the same culture in which unequal treatment compared to men and mistreatment of women have been a societal norm since, well, probably forever.Regardless of what the canada goose outlet in montreal laws state woman are still much to often screwed by the system when it comes to sexual assault and abuse cases because of patriarchal societal norms. It getting better I think, but it seems premature to claim that the system doesn need to change. If nothing else the way the system is applied needs to change. All the cogs in the machine, from judges down to police officers, need to do their jobs without any hint of will be boys, she shouldn have been wearing that and doing that there types of biases.Agreed, Darrelle, but what you have done? Scrap the innocent until proven guilty underpinning of our legal system because some of those involved are do think the system needs to change in many canada goose outlet locations in toronto ways, not least of which is within some of the people working in it. But the conversation here was about the burden of proof. If we change canada goose outlet germany our legal system (and how it reflects in our society) such that the burden of proof falls onto the accused, we will have scrapped the one thing about it that makes it canada goose parka outlet worthwhile. IMO, of canada goose outlet washington dc course.I took it to mean that students could get up to a 10% bump in their grade by attending class regularly, being prepared, and actively participating in classroom discussions. That the way official canada goose outlet a professor can both provide an incentive for productive classroom participation and determine that a student has attained a mastery of the course material beyond what may be reflected in the student written test scores. Those seem to me both to be canada goose outlet store montreal legitimate canada goose outlet eu goals.Admittedly, it could been written more clearly. But keep in mind that no student seems to have been confused by the canada goose outlet near me syllabus, or to have interpreted it an an invitation to anything untoward uk canada goose.

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