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Rosenhouse on Feser on the canada goose shop uk cosmological argument Why Evolution Is True

uk canada goose outlet Caturday felid: mousers at St. Petersburg museumsAs I pointed out a few days ago, Edward Feser has posted a long defense of the cosmological argument for God, claiming that critics like Jason Rosenhouse and I simply don understand its subtlety. And we have no credibility to refute it until we read many books on the topic, including canada goose factory outlet (of course) two of Feser own. uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose Over at EvolutionBlog, Jason responds, showing how Feser distorted the words of Robin Le Poidevin, a critic of the cosmological argument. After exposing Feser intellectual dishonesty, Jason then dismisses the cosmological argument, and I have to say that, based on my latest readings about that argument (not yet including Feser books), Jason is right: cheap Canada Goose

As for the cosmological argument itself, I make canada goose outlet orlando no apology for being dismissive. Depending on what version you are considering, you can expect to find concepts like causality or probability being used in domains where they do not clearly apply, or dubious arguments for why an actual infinity cannot exist, or highly questionable premises about the beginnings of the universe or about how everything that canada goose outlet sale began to exist must have had a cause, or groundless invocations of the principle canada goose jacket outlet toronto of sufficient reason. You inevitably come so perilously close to assuming what you are trying to prove that you may as well just assume God canada goose outlet uk exists and be done with it.

If I may expand on that variations of the cosmological argument conclude that there exists an essential, primal, ultimate cause that canada goose outlet online uk is somehow responsible in some manner for everything else. After all, that the whole canada goose outlet phone number point: to demonstrate the existence of this of all being, the theologian god.

Were we to find even one instance of something which didn have any cause whatsoever, we know that the claim of the cosmological argument is refuted, regardless of how convincing the argument is on its own.

Empirically, we know that quantum mechanics demonstrates all sorts of uncaused causes, free of hidden variables. However, a theist canada goose coats uk could conceivably pull the simulation argument canada goose factory outlet vancouver and claim that there some god somewhere responsible for pressing buttons that make atoms decay. Paranoid as that is, it still logically canada goose discount uk sound and so we find empiricism sufficient for practical refutation of the cosmological argument, but not for absolute logical refutation.

Canada Goose Online But we can also do the job logically. Canada Goose Online

canada goose store Start by assuming the premises to be true: everything has a cause, and canada goose womens outlet there exists nothing which is its own cause. Instantly, it obvious that we left with a all the way down infinite regression and said infinite regression has no cause of its own. The premises are thus disproven by contradiction. Not to mention, of course, that the very conclusion theists reach that one or more of their gods have no cause also contradict the canada goose outlet in canada very premises they set out to canada goose outlet florida prove. That is, even if we grant the theist the conclusion, the canada goose outlet 2015 conclusion is self defeating and proves its own negation. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap All the theist is left with is special pleading which, of course, cheap canada goose jackets is where all the fun begins. There are essential causes, canada goose outlet black friday and contingent causes, and ephemeral causes, and physical causes, and and and and and that where the shell game happens. These causes here can cause those causes there, but not vice versa. Those causes can cause other causes that are like the first but not quite, except by light of the full moon. It all bafflegab designed to do nothing but confuse you to the point that you give up and trust that the theologian must be right. buy canada goose jacket cheap

And the real shame is that it this kind of bafflegab that will muddle your mind to the point that you incapable of comprehending the real exciting discoveries of set canada goose outlet online store review theory, such as the fact that, though there are infinitely many counting numbers and infinitely many irrational numbers, there are actually more irrational numbers than there are counting numbers. Both are infinite yet one is more infinite than the other!

That sort of could never come out of theology, because it forever stuck in the shallow end of the pool.

Thanks for the clear summary of the problems with this argument. I recall goose outlet canada the first time I came across the cosmological argument, I couldn figure out where these different types of causes were coming from. Still haven seen a justification for that.

(I suppose Feser would say that because I haven read enough theology. Funny how scientists can get the basics across in a blog post or an accessible book, but theologians require multiple dense tomes to argue that the topic of their studies even exists.)

buy canada goose jacket The scorn heaped on sensible, intelligent people by the likes of Feser (who really does seem to have some anger issues to work out), because they have not read enough is merely an inflated, super arrogant version of the courtier reply. I grant you that if you want to understand physics a lot of reading and study will certainly help but you can get an overview from many of the greatest minds in the field (Hawking, Smolin, Kaku, Thorne, Steinhardt, Turok, Feynman, Einstein, Schroedinger and so on and on and on There is a lot to know in physics. In philosophy there is nothing to know it all unsubstantiated assertion. There are no proofs of anything factual. Premises are asserted and towers of illogic built upon them to no purpose. Has philosophy ever solved ONE problem since the ancient greeks (and probably people before them) established canada goose outlet uk fake it as a substitute for working for a living? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose I pointed out on Eric MacDonald’s blog, theology does not summarise. think it more like this: canada goose

canada goose black friday sale When scientists summarize, you willing to listen charitably, and not jump over a summary because it well, a summary, and hence necessarily canada goose outlet store montreal full of holes. But, when a theologian summarizes, you jump all over the first hole you can find in the summary, and then, though you asked for a summary, criticize it for being a summary. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance And the QM example is misguided. canada goose clearance

canada goose uk outlet If a physicist begins with a summary of QM, and gradually qualifies it, most people are going to hit a canada goose premium outlet mathematical wall pretty quickly, at which point the physicist will have to use metaphors and analogies that are, again, easy to poke holes in. But when you reach this point, you willing to say, have more to learn before I can understand this. However, when you reach a similar point with the theologian, and he says that you have to learn more logic, metaphysics etc. before he can continue rigorously, and that at this point he have to rely on metaphor or analogies, you not about to conclude that you have more to learn; rather, canada goose outlet nyc you rest content canada goose sale uk with poking holes in the metaphors and analogies. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose uk black friday Eric, you miss the point. A canada goose outlet shop theological summary shares with the long version the same problems unsupported, unprovable premises. I afraid you have missed the point. Or, let me put it this way: If that was the point, it was very poorly made indeed. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Outlet The complaint I was addressing was made by JonJermey on a sub thread discussing the preconditions to understanding natural theolgical arguments. He said that theology does not summarize. Now canada goose outlet online store this is manifestly false, so I read him charitably, and in the obvious context of the present discussion, to be saying that theologians are, at least some of the time, wont to avoid summaries. This, at least, is true (though trivial, and certainly not unique to theologians). So, why might theologians (and I take him to be including philosophers of religion here) be, some of the time, unwilling to provide summaries of their arguments? Because people like you, who have decided the issue in advance, will approach a summary without a grain of charity. You request a summary don have time to read all that stuff, so give me a rough sketch of what you saying and then you viciously jump all over the holes that any sketch will necessarily include, and proudly proclaim, that was easy see, I knew it was all nonsense, rather than honestly considering a sketch as a sketch, and asking how a thoughtful person might fill them in. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets The whole thing is an exercise of bad faith on your part. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale If I may jump in here has the advantage that all its statements are true for the specified domains. Famously, Newton physics is fantastically successful, though it breaks down at very large and very small scales. But for the domain of human scale physics, it simply can be beat. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online Religion, on the other hand, isn true for any of its domains. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale Jerry forte is evolution, so let me us that as an example. Evolution can be summarized with two simple observations: individuals reproduce inexactly, and not all individuals reproduce. Now, yes, understanding the mechanisms of inheritance, variation, and selection will take you more than a lifetime, but every step along the way remains true for the limited domain over which it is applicable. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket But with religion it starts by merely asserting the logically absurd. Even Jesus can use a straightedge and compass to draw a square and a circle of equal areas, so what sort of nonsense is it to claim he can do anything? This is the point where religion starts to get more specific in an attempt to narrow the domains to which it applies it stuck. It started with asserting https://www.canadagoosepark.com the ultimate, and any restriction on the ultimate destroys the whole reason for the idea in the first place. canadian goose jacket

Where science starts with a theory canada goose uk site of some small things it explains superbly well and builds them into bigger and bigger things but has yet to make it to a Theory of Everything has started with a Theory of Everything that explains nothing and has nowhere else to go.

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