Frankly, Weston, Ct is now one of those areas where students

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Jason Rosenhouse on testing the supernatural

canada goose black friday sale Fears about kids learning evolution aren limited to the Bible Belt. Tangarone, canada goose outlet miami a 17 year veteran of the Weston school system, claims that a program he wanted to teach about Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln was rejected by the school administration because it involved teaching evolution the scientific theory that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose factory sale “I find it hard to believe that in this day and canada goose outlet authentic age that a teacher such as myself can be ordered to eliminate the teaching of Darwin’s work canada goose factory outlet toronto location and the theory of evolution,” he said. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk shop The school superintendent denies that Tangarone resignation is about evolution, maintains that it a matter, and characterizes Tangarone as a employee. Tangarone, however, has emails from the school principal that suggest a different story: canada goose uk shop

uk canada goose outlet In 2008, Mr. Tangarone created a TAG program called “AustralAsia” to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, who were born on canada goose outlet jackets the same day in the same year. uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose Part of the program involved Darwin’s journey to Australia and Asia, where he discovered natural anomalies such as seashells on mountaintops. Mr. Tangarone said he also canada goose outlet toronto factory planned for a discussion with the students about Darwin’s theory of evolution. cheap Canada Goose

Before implementing the program, Mr. Tangarone submitted an outline to Mark Ribbens, canada goose outlet canada then principal of the intermediate school, for review and approval. (Dr. Ribbens left the school district in 2009.)

In an e mail to Mr. Tangarone dated Sept. 8, 2008, Dr. Ribbens rejected the basic program, citing for the most part, the teaching of evolution:

“While evolution is a robust scientific theory, it is a philosophically unsatisfactory explanation for the diversity of life. I could anticipate that a number of our parents might object to this topic as part of a TAG project, and further, parents who would object if evolution was part of a presentation by a student to students who do not participate in the TAG program.”

Canada Goose Outlet He further stated, “Evolution touches on a core belief Do we share common ancestry with other living organisms? What does it mean to be a human being? I don’t believe that this core belief is one in which you want to debate with children or their parents, and I know personally that I would be challenged in leading a 10 year old through this sort of discussion while maintaining the appropriate sensitivity to a family’s religious beliefs or traditions.” Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose In conclusion, Dr. Ribbens said, “In short, evolution is a topic that is not canada goose outlet 80 off age appropriate, is not part of our existing curriculum, is not part of the state frameworks at this point in a student’s education, nor a topic in which you have particular expertise. For all of these reasons, the TAG topics need to be altered this year to eliminate the teaching canada goose sale uk of Darwin’s work and the theory of evolution.” uk canada goose

The students at issue are from the third, fourth, canada goose outlet factory and fifth grade. And Tangerone certified to teach science and social studies for grades K 6. He also has a six year degree in gifted education. The website also reports that Tangarone has taught canada goose parka outlet for 33 canada goose outlet montreal years, 29 in gifted programs. He has won awards and fellowships for his TAG programs. a loss to the kids and to the school!

canada goose uk black friday canada goose outlet Over at Newsweek Human Condition Mary Carmichael dissects the situation (see also her earlier piece on the value of teaching evolution to younger kids), taking issue with canada goose outlet toronto the notion of Tangerone as a disgruntled employee: canada goose uk black friday

buy canada goose jacket cheap You know what? I’d be disgruntled, too, if my supervisor told me he was scared to offend people by suggesting that canada goose outlet florida we common ancestry with other living organisms that I wasn allowed to do my job because he found scientific facts to be unsatisfactory. Surely the most philosophically unsatisfactory action one could take is to deny the truth. buy canada goose jacket cheap

New Canaan, canada goose outlet price Ct is also the home of Glenn Beck, but I really don blame the Weston school administration on either of them. canada goose outlet ontario Nor do I think they reflect the community. Ribbens undoubtedly is an idiot who shouldn be administering anything related to education (unfortunately, however, he is now principal of the state run high school for performing arts in Bridgeport). The current administration does what public school administrators do they support themselves and at the expense of the children and education. Frankly, Weston, Ct is now one of those areas where students would probably get a better education in evolution if they were home schooled. (The parents would simply ship them off to one of the tonier private schools in the area, all of which teach evolution and all the sciences with real rigor.)

canada goose coats on sale Connecticut canada goose outlet nyc has their science standards posted online. Seems like this administrator may actually have ordered the teacher to teach less than the science standards the state canada goose factory outlet vancouver requires for public schools. While the standards for 3rd grade don specifically mention evolution they do require discussion of animal and plant adaptation to the environment. My daughter started learning about evolution when she was 5 and is completely fascinated by it still. And no, she not just bright and curious. Now at age 10, she more knowledgable about the subject than I was when I graduated high school back in the Elementary age is the perfect time to begin teaching it, while canada goose outlet in vancouver they still retain their wonder and fascination with science. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale It doesn surprise me, though, that the principle was concerned about parental objection. I live in a semi conservative area and I heard complaints about evolution being taught in the schools here. It one of the reasons we homeschool. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose My son is now 12 and he started homeschooling canada goose outlet parka when his third grade teacher him about Noah ark and how it was carrying dinosaurs. Big surprise for me, his atheist mom, when the came home canada goose outlet los angeles and official canada goose outlet asked is Noah? What an ark? canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I used to canada goose jacket outlet uk hear that homeschoolers were a bunch of religious fanatics that didn want their kids to learn science. Looks like the tables have turned. I keep meeting atheist and secular homeschoolers like myself who are pulling their kids out of school in order for them to learn science. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Yes and Mark Ribbens is now coordinating another State supported educational institution in Trumbull, CT a magnate school RCA. This Choice program was created by legislation that was designed to increase racial, ethnic, and economic diversity. Did they know before hiring Ribbens that he espouses his own brand of ignorance and bias.

Canada Goose Online Worse yet, other administrators Jerry Belair and Skerice didn reign in this ignorance nor apparently share this curious canada goose outlet store uk educational direction with the school board. They should all be fired or is Weston just another backwater town posing as upscale education so the wealthy parents can canada goose outlet uk justify their inflated salaries. Canada Goose Online

Canada Goose sale Looking back on my public K 12 yrs (so I don remember anyone recoiling at the notion of evolution, or attempting to stifle mention of it. This was in Virginia, too, albeit Northern VA. There was one kid in high school who walked around with a bible, but he was generally regarded as strange and nobody talked to him much. In family life I got dragged off to church, too, but there were no objections to evolution at home or at the church either (altho I do distinctly recall a Sunday school teacher arguing that Jews were a separate race none of us bought it). There were plenty of Baptist kids in HS, too, canada goose outlet sale and I don recall any of them expressing any anxiety over the notion of evolution either. It wasn until I got to college that I got a whiff that there were actually still considerable numbers of these fundamentalists, but that was only in the academic sense. I started grad school at the U of Richmond, which was started by Baptists, but there was not a whiff of any of the Cedarville types there. It wasn till later, as a grad student in NJ, that an actual fundamentalist type encroached on my personal space a guy confronted me out of nowhere in a grocery store (I was surveying the packaged deli meats at the time) and wanted to know if I accepted JC as my personal savior. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats The point of all this in re. the above other familiar statistics is that while rational thought may seem not to be gaining ground statistically, from my personal canada goose stockists uk experience it seems that we backsliding canada goose coats.

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