Because they considered to not be under our law

Dennis Markuze to be sentenced for online harassment Why Evolution Is True

Canada Goose Parka I find police don really want to bother with making reports about threats. I witnessed it canada goose outlet parka many times among friends and family. One friend of a friend was harassed by a neighbour who would verbally assault her and threaden her whenever he saw her,never if she was in her own yard and the police said there was nothing they could do. He made her life a living hell. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats Sometimes, I canada goose vest outlet seriousl think about leaving Canada because of stories like these. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Here the thing, making threats, angry ranting in public, are canada goose outlet ottawa not symptoms of any mental illness. And illness is not a mental illness. That not a diagnosis. I study brain impairments not mental illness. But it kind of flops over into mental illness sometimes. And I strongly suspect that we are becoming a society where any angry, embarrassing and especially self destructive behavior gets labeled canada goose outlet phone number illness meaning some generic thing. Versus mental illness canada goose outlet woodbury as the more general category that the person specific diagnosis falls under. If we do go down that road that would be very bad. First off it perpetuates the stigma that people with mental canada goose outlet boston illnesses that actually exist, at canada goose outlet vip any moment might go apeshit and hurt somebody. This is a powerful myth. It complete rubbish. People with schizophrenia do not do those things. And secondly it sets up people like this guy who are simply angry, potentially violent people who are canada goose outlet uk sale in love with their hate to be treated by the courts in a way that endangers the public. Our courts already have a problem with treating threats with the seriousness with which they deserve. Because they considered to not be under our law. This it awful behavior it mentally illness set of assumptions doesn help. canada goose clearance sale

canadian goose jacket So I say this guy does belong in jail. Just like a stalker ex boyfriend would who did the same stuff. He needs urgent help for the sake of the public good. canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk Scientific breakthroughs over the past decade have created enough optimism among the world’s experts that some dare to talk about a canada goose outlet online reviews “cure” for depression and other mental illness, the non infectious disease that is rapidly becoming one of the biggest global public health challenges. As such anyone choices make them subject to punishment as is happening in this case. The guy is clearly mentally ill, and as such he hopefully will get put into treatment and get the help he needs. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk black friday BTW, I just want to assert I do not know what definition of free will you are using here. So my comment may be wrong with respect to your definition. Free will canada goose outlet online is an interesting discussion in itself. I don have a problem with the idea of free will honestly, although it is just biological or chemical reactions essentially so it depends if you consider this free will. Everything can be canada goose factory outlet vancouver boiled down to miss firing neurons or lack of a certain chemical. canada goose uk black friday

buy canada goose jacket cheap But you see this is exactly the point. Militant Atheism does not involve death threats and murder. Militant Islam does. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale I agree with you that anything could have been the trigger in this case. I mean the canada goose victoria parka outlet guy has serious problems, but one influence is religion and we should not look past that. Canada Goose sale

BTW I don think I said ban religion anywhere here, although I am all for it. The problem with religion is that it promotes irrational thought and that the last thing the world and people with mental problems need.

Atheists and skeptics were the focus of his ire but he wasn the typical religious fanatic. He never really talked much about God or religion. His main obsession was with Nostradamus. He never really dropped it.

Canada Goose Online Iirc he first got noticed when he came on the JREF forum and claimed that he had canada goose jacket outlet toronto won the million $ prize because he somehow proven Nostradamus was a genuine seer. The skeptics ripped into his claim and he was off. First skeptics, then atheists. His threats escalated with his targets. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose outlet People who researched his internet history discovered that years ago he used to post reasonable, intelligent comments on some technical topic in several online forums. Then something must have happened. uk canada goose outlet

Those kids had entirely different canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet psychological issues but if I were to blame a work of fiction, it would be the book that they were obsessed with, not Marilyn Manson. The were rampage killers, which is different from being a stalker type though. That more personal.

Canada Goose Outlet Disturbed people who want to somebody could become ISIS thugs, James Earl Ray, John Hinckley, Mark David Chapman, but there needs to be some framework of what would be meaningful in their minds. reminds me of. He would feel he done his cause a service if he sent an atheist to hell Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Prisons are absolutely the worst thing for the mentally ill. They are entirely unequipped for it. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

I rather he was institutionalized and on supervised meds, until somebody could figure out if there was a way to flatten out his bizarre behavior, whatever it is. It appears that he could be self medicating (alcohol/cocaine), perhaps in response canada goose outlet website legit to his brain chemistry going off the rails. (after all, he seemed pretty normal once upon a time, then hit the danger years and lost it). And the only reason I mention institutionalization is because his case would appear to be canada goose outlet canada of the type that breeds non compliance canada goose outlet orlando could even canada goose outlet in new york be progressive. He should be under observation. No devices to play with, obviously.

Canada Goose Jackets Hopefully there will be an adequate resolution, but these are extremely difficult situations. The odds are against him, I think. He probably stands a better chance in Montreal than he would in most places in the US, but I could very well be wrong. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale According to Michael Pollan sources in the latest New Yorker, a few hits of psylocybin with professional guides and Mabus Marcuze will be sound as a pound. It worth a try! canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket There also a cartoon of Ahab telling the white whale we got off to a bad start. And one of a canada goose outlet location CEO sitting behind a big desk saying something asinine on the phone. I doubt either of those canada goose outlet in montreal is related to the Shroom Renaissance, but they are pretty trippy. I sure the woodland creatures at a cocktail party would have something pithy to say about it all. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance In my opinion, the safety of society as a whole trumps the rights of any individual, no matter whether they are by any mental disorder, or not: we ALL a little bit nuts, but most of us don go around harming others or threatening them with canada goose outlet near me violent harm. In canada goose jacket outlet uk that sense, the sequestering of such an individual in a locked facility need not be viewed as for the purpose of them for what they did; it should be done simply with the intention of protecting society FROM them. That their physical freedom is restricted and they don get to enjoy the benefits of societal freedom is unfortunate, but society comes first. That our mental health therapies still seem to be woefully inadequate in addressing their underlying issues is just the way it is. canada goose clearance

I also don judge people with mental disorders to be automatically incapable of learning from the consequences of their actions (as deterrence of future crimes) or by seeing the consequences other receive (although in a profoundly disturbed individual these might be ignored, along with many of the other of society): I remember a schizophrenic guy in Santa Cruz, California who rode a bike all over and who would sit on it by the street and scream nonsense and obscenities at those who passed. I noticed that he was always careful to be just far enough back from the street that, if someone jumped out of their car and came for him, he could get away! He undoubtedly this as the result of several ass beatings (although it didn his schizophrenia, it showed that he WAS able, to some extent, to control his behavior).

canada goose store The judicial system methods of dealing with such behavior are still inconsistent and muddled: you can cut off your mother head thinking she is a demon and end up in a psychiatric hospital for life, but if you bought a canada goose outlet reviews knife a week earlier with which canada goose outlet real to kill her for being a demon and then attempt to hide her body, and the to avoid prosecution may land you in a regular prison or on Death Row even though the act in both cases was clearly insane by society standards. I sure that the vast majority of people consider serial killers to be but as an FBI profiler said, yet to see a serial killer murder someone in canada goose jacket outlet sale front of a police officer vast inroads have been made into our understanding of the mind, we still in the infancy of learning how to deal with mental disorders. seems to be leading to confusion, as anyone who reads the DSM V section on psychiatric disorders will probably come away feeling like they got two or three of them. I like to use the term, I reserve for those with clearly identifiable mental disorders caused by chemical imbalances (including the influence of intoxicating drugs), brain injuries or diseases (such as genetic schizophrenia), etc. I define as, operating according to the evidence presented us by reality. The boundary between the two is often fuzzy canada goose outlet los angeles canada goose store.

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