That’s a good way to get blacklisted almost as good as telling

Canada Goose Outlet Guidelines for posting on this site Why Evolution Is True Canada Goose Outlet

Here are Roolz, guidelines and strictures for posting on this website. The site has evolved since it was created in 2009 to provide evidence for evolution, and now covers goose outlet canada a variety of topics that strike me as interesting or newsworthy. I like readers to have fun, weigh in with their opinions, learn, educate, but also respect the personal integrity of other readers.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale The opinions stated on this website are mine alone (or, when they posting, Grania, Greg Mayer and Matthew Cobb), and do canada goose outlet jackets not necessarily reflect those of our respective employers. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

buy canada goose jacket If you’re a first time poster, I have to approve your initial comment. This won’t necessarily be immediate, as it depends on my checking email. After that, posting is automatic. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose If you have your own website, you mayput a link to your anonymous (or pseudonymous) website in your posting name. I like people to use their real names when possible, as I think this makes them more accountable for their words, but I recognize that there are sometimes good reasons for not doing so. canada goose

canadian goose jacket If you try to post under more than one name in an attempt canada goose outlet london to circumvent moderation or pretend you are canada goose outlet more than one person, you will be banned. Stick to one name. If you have canada goose outlet location to change your posting name for canada goose outlet los angeles a good reason, let me know by email. canadian goose jacket

canada goose store If you are religious, and profess that strongly in your post, it’s often my habit to ask you to provide evidence for what you believe. (After all, I wrote a book on the evidence for evolution.) Do not be offended at this request; simply give a short list of the reasons why you’re so certain canada goose outlet online uk there’s a god. And be prepared for canada goose outlet florida others to dispute the evidence. canada goose store

canada goose coats Please do not tell me how to run my site. That is, comments about “too many cats,” “too many boots,” “not enough biology,” “too much religion,” etc., are not welcome. I provide content free of charge, and if you don’t like the mix of posts, you free to go elsewhere. By all means take issue with what I say, but don’t argue about the balance of topics. canada goose coats

Do not insult your host. Pretend that you speaking to me in my living room which is, in a sense, what this website is.

Most important, please try to official canada goose outlet refrain from insulting other posters, no matter how misguided you think canada goose jacket outlet store they are. I don’t like name calling, for it lessens whatever class this site has and certainly doesn foster discussion. That’s a good way to get blacklisted almost as good as telling me canada goose outlet 2015 to stop posting on cats or canada goose outlet parka cowboy boots. If I ask you canada goose outlet store uk to apologize to a commenter whom you insulted, please do so.

Canada Goose Parka Try not to dominate canada goose outlet uk threads, particularly in a one on one argument. I found that those are rarely informative, and the participants never reach agreement. A good guideline is that if your comments constitute over 10% of the comments on a thread, you posting too much. Canada Goose Parka

If you find something that you think would interest readers, by all means send it to me. My email is easily available via elementary Googling. I can’t, of course, promise to use everything, but I do look at what people send me.

cheap canada goose uk Sometimes I miss comments, particularly ones that contain links, since those are held by WordPress. I don’t always read every commentsthat accompanies a post, so thesesometimes slip through the cracks. Please don’t assume that your commentwas trashed, as I rarely canada goose outlet store toronto do that (except from those sent by trolls). cheap canada goose uk

Be judicious about posting videos and very long comments. I like good discussion, but essays are not on, particularly if you have your own website where you can post it. Embedded videos are okay, but please think before posting: do they add to the discussion? If your comment is longer than, canada goose outlet england say, 600 words, it is too long. If you want to write canada goose outlet near me stuff longer than that, please get your own website!

It’s a website, not a “blog.” Humor me on this. Likewise, you will see words like dg (a play on the Hebrew word for God) and Twier, due to my aversion of seeing these words spelled out.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I am glad to receive items from readers, though at times their number is a bit overwhelming! But many of my posts come from those contributions, and I try to remember to h/t readers if I use their contributions. (Sometimes I forget this acknowledgment in which case my apologies.) If you send me a link and I don’t write buy canada goose uk about it, please do not feel bad. If you want to call something interesting to my attention and of course it must be of potential interest not just to me, but to readers that is great, but don’t ask me to post things. buy canada goose jacket cheap

That said,I especially welcome readers photographs, particularly of wildlife or nature, but also their cats (in which case you must provide some information!). I can however, promise to use every photo I sent.

Linking to videos. Don’t embed them directly unless you have something really special to show, for canada goose outlet toronto address it makes the comments canada goose outlet website legit unwieldy. If you just paste in the canada goose outlet store new york http:// address of a YouTube video, for instance, it will put the entire video in your comment. Occasionally I will let this go, but canada goose outlet locations in toronto sometimes readers insert multiple videos. To avoid this, and create a link, use the following html formulation:

canada goose black friday sale LinkText (note space after first do not use this site to promote your project, book, website, and so on, or to raise money for your cause. If you think there a cause that deserves my attention, by all means email me simply calling it to my attention. Please do not tell me that I should post about your pet project, or that my readers need to hear about it or would love to hear about it. A simple mention of the project, without the pressure or, especially, fulsome flattery, will suffice. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale If you post a link to your website, referring us or asking us to read something you written on that site, the site cannot be anonymous; there must be a real named person who writes it. You have every right to keep your site anonymous, but I don have to link to it, for I believe people should stand behind what they say publicly. That said, I not demanding that commenters on my own site reveal their real name. Further, I will not allow in my site if your site, which has referenced this one or reposted part of one of my posts, cannot be linked to a named and real human. canada goose coats on sale

Please do not post comments consisting only of a link or a video. At least say a few words aboutwhy you posting it.

canada goose factory sale IfI post about food, and I often do, realize that those meals are exceptions andI don always eat like that!There is no need to give me (or the readers) a lesson canada goose outlet kokemuksia on healthy eating. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose online This is a cat friendly site run by a biologist who cares about animals (and plants!). Please don diss the moggies, or advocate human violence or cruelty to anyanimal species. Canada Goose online

Finally, do not cry if I don post your comment. I reserve the right to trash comments that are hyperreligious, hyper creationist, uncivil, trollish in canada goose parka uk nature, or otherwise inappropriate. There is no to have every comment you make published on this site. If that is then it also when the editorial section of a newspaper doesn publish some readers letters in the interest of keeping a civil and interesting atmosphere. I try to use as light a hand as I can consonant with keeping an atmosphere of civility and sanity. If you have something to say that I won go along with, you are free to start your own site. Readers who are obnoxious and keep making the same argument again and again, adding nothing new, will be considered trolls and subjection to sanction.

canada goose uk outlet Due to the high volume of hate email I get, I reserve the right to not only publish threatening or extremely nasty and unsolicited emails,but also to publicizethe email address and name associated with them. I do this to try to stem the tide of such emails. I will not, however, reveal any personal details canada goose outlet sale (including email addresses and IP numbers) of people who leave comments on my website unless canada goose jacket outlet uk I consider those comments threatening to me, another reader, or some other identifiable person. In other words, don threaten anybody with harm, and if you email me anything abusive, do so at your own peril. canada goose uk outlet

uk canada goose I received a notice that I needed to explain my personal views on God and religion before I could post again. uk canada goose

However, I didn see a reply button of that requirement so that I could respond so am posting here:

whyevolutionistrue requested I answer some questions, you believe in God,, could you please provide for us the evidence a. for your God

As I stated previously, I think the existence of ethics, and self conscious, reasoning human beings, and mathematics,and the structural organization of the cosmos show the universe isn meaningless and purposeless.

uk canada goose outlet b. If you adhere to a specific faith, why do you think that, as opposed to others, is canada goose outlet toronto factory the right one. You must answer this question, according to the Roolz, before you can post again uk canada goose outlet.

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