You right very bad example (scalar gravitational theories)

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canada goose coats Dreadful science journalism: Time Magazine nomination of the Higgs boson for of the Year is five sentences long, each one wrongWell, Time Magazine has tried to do science an honor by nominating a particle, the Higgs boson, for of the Year (there are other candidates and the winner will be announced in April). As Michael canada goose outlet store montreal Moyer writes on the Scientific American website, every canada goose outlet las vegas sentence in the canada goose outlet winnipeg nomination has at least one error.Here Time nomination; I let you spot the errors. After you try, go see Moyer piece for the canada goose outlet ottawa post mortem. I put one sentence in bold, which will be taken apart below:Take a moment to thank this little particle for all the work it does, because canada goose outlet seattle without it, you’d be just inchoate energy without so much as a bit of mass. hat’s more, the same would be true for the entire universe. It was in the 1960s that Scottish physicist Peter Higgs first posited the existence of a particle that causes energy to make the jump to matter. But it was not until last summer that a team of canada goose outlet in canada researchers at Europe’s Large Hadron Collider Rolf Heuer, Joseph Incandela and Fabiola Gianotti at last sealed the deal canada goose stockists uk and in so doing finally fully confirmed Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The Higgs as particles do immediately decayed to more fundamental particles, but canada goose outlet toronto the scientists would surely be happy to collect any honors or awards in its stead.Well, I let you see one error: here Moyer dissection of the canada goose victoria parka outlet penultimate sentence in bold.Error: Where to begin? Let’s start with Einstein. None! Because canada goose outlet jackets there is none.Not to mention that no scientific theory could ever be “finally fully” confirmed. What would it mean for a scientific theory to be “finally fully” confirmed? Is canada goose shop uk he suggesting that no evidence could ever arise that could challenge it? Purely mathematical theorems can be proven. Scientific theories can only be disproven.And then there’s the attribution problem. He’s only off by three or four orders of canada goose outlet edmonton magnitude. Two experiments at the LHC ATLAS and CMS independently confirmed the discovery this summer. Each of these experiments is made of about 3,000 working physicists. At the time of the announcement, Incandela and Gianotti were leading each of the experiments, but leaders change all the time canada goose outlet buffalo (Incandela has led CMS for less than a year, for example), and the Higgs canada goose parka uk discovery has been a multi decade long canada goose outlet toronto factory the key word here. The higgs mechanism in the form its been tested adheres to the laws of special relativity. It is independent of the canada goose outlet factory validity of general relativity. Moreover, google correlation does not mean one proves or canada goose parka outlet uk requires the other. Finding a higgslike boson does not really constitute a particularly strong validation, certainly not the final proof of special relativity any more than any other observation in high energy physics. There are much better tests of SR, for example canada goose outlet houston in cosmic ray observations.I am a physicist and Nikos Apostolakis above has pointed out the main problem. The Higgs is part of the Standard Model which incorporates Special relativity and quantum theory. The Higgs mechanism explains canada goose outlet how canada goose jacket outlet store weak gauge bosons and chiral fermions acquire a rest mass. (Don worry too much if chiral fermions and gauge bosons are jargon to you, they just particle types.) A rest mass means a particle doesn move at the canada goose outlet reviews speed of light, equivalently it describes the relation between energy and momentum of a particle. This is all in the context of special relativity.General relativity involves the treatment of gravity and the curvature of spacetime. We don know how to consistently combine it with quantum theory. Rest masses contribute to the warping of space time, but so do particles with zero rest mass so there is nothing obviously new for GR from the discovery of the Higgs. GR is confirmed, like Special Relativity before it, by a host of experiments; the Higgs confirms (with caveats) the Standard Model. How to combine GR and the Standard Model is an open question.You are logically and philosophically wrong, and worse: you are wrong on the physics too. Special relativity general relativity.Instead of discussing the details of that difference, I refer you to insteadparticle physicist Matt Strassler article on this.woe. Oh woe. Oh calamity. SO wrong. Definitely the most disastrous mistake of them all. There’s zero/zilch/nada/no way/nothing to connect the Higgs story canada goose outlet parka with gravity, which is what Einstein’s general relativity is about. The discovery of the Higgs particle changes nothing in our understanding of general relativity. [Link removed to pass spam filter without moderation.]He adds some more, and links to his detailed article which outlines specifically why gravity and Higgs field are unrelated. Short version: gravity affects all particles, the Higgs field are forbidden to affect all (IIRC) and doesn do so.I been snipped before for making individual answers to multiple responses. So my apologies if you expect something more specific than this:The statement I challenged was that there is absolutely no connection between the Higgs particle and General Relativity. I no physicist, but I know there is plenty of discussion about the relation between the Higgs Field and gravitational theories so if the LHC particle is the Higgs Boson, then the Field is real and the discussion is a live issue.See, for example, Theories of Gravitation at the dreaded Wikipedia.I did not state, nor support the statement, that the Higgs discovery proves General Relativity.Googling field theory Higgs still wouldn be the way to make whatever point you intended to make. The fact remains that the Higgs is not primarily or even commonly discussed for any relation to General Relativity. You are now broadening your terms to theories in general and the Wikipedia article you mention just points out that earlier attempts at relativistic theories of gravity were based on a scalar field and the Higgs theory is also a scalar field. But scalar gravity is not what is meant when essentially any modern physicist talks about general relativity.If canada goose outlet niagara falls you want to be the strict usage police, and point out that maybe some connection exists in some sense in highly speculative contexts among a small subgroup of scientists, that fine, but let not lose the larger point that the article is badly flawed. I don think your initial comment was helping to clarify things.You right very bad example (scalar gravitational theories). I was lazily trying to avoid editing and typing chunks of text by sending the reader to the internet Ah well.As I said, I not a physicist, so feel free to point out my errors:Einstein Special Theory of Relativity deals exclusively with objects and observers in uniform motion. His General Theory extends this to include accelerating objects and observers, including those in a gravitational field (Principle of Equivalence). It is known to be an incomplete theory because it relies on physics unknown to Einstein to account for the fact of mass. (The Higgs theory also relies on unknown physics, to account for the specific values of masses.) At the cosmological level GR is incomplete, too, since it fails to account adequately for the universal expansion.This is from Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene (whose qualications and credentials are easy to check):does the resistance to being canada goose outlet official accelerated come from? Or, in physics speak, what gives an object canada goose clothing uk its inertia? Einstein advanced [only a ] partial answer [He] sought to specify a standard of rest [rather than] a mechanism whereby an object acquires its mass its inertia the attribute that fights accelerations. With the Higgs field, physicists have now suggested an answer The Higgs ocean in which modern theory canada goose outlet hong kong claims we are all immersed interacts with quarks and electrons: it resists their accelerations much as a vat of molasses resists the motion of a Ping Pong ball And so we do feel the Higgs ocean. The forces we all exert thousands of times a day are forces that fight against the drag of canada goose outlet orlando the Higgs ocean. [Note that] the Higgs field resists only accelerated motion. (from Greene following chapter): canada goose coats.

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