Asset growth is another way that banks increase profits

wholesale replica designer handbags Cutting costs a standard lever for boosting profitability will be particularly a limit to which cost cuts can improve your earnings, said Malcolm Polley, chief investment officer of Stewart Capital Advisors, which has $1 billion under management. A short term fix.Asset growth is another way that banks increase profits, but Moynihan said Bank of America does not expect to grow its assets in the next five years.Moynihan, 51, who took over as CEO from Lewis in January 2010, has had a tough time convincing investors that he has a plan to restore the bank to consistent profitability. [ID:nN03213807]Bank of America projects results from most of its business divisions will return to normal in 2012 and 2013.But Polley called that a dream and said the economy must first improve.Overall, Bank of America expects to generate up to $30 billion in excess capital by 2013 and 2014. wholesale replica designer handbags

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