, a marine corps combat correspondent

“[Atkinson] challenged us to come off the road trip and get as prepared the most we can mentally, physically, before this game. We could’ve done better,” Russell said. “We never stopped the bleeding. The country’s carbon dioxide emissions are currently 10 percent below 2005 levels, but they’ve started to rise again of late. And, yes, the US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new rules to curb emissions from existing power plants, but that’s unlikely to achieve a 28 percent cut. And Congress is deadlocked on climate.

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I liked Grenier performance as the sultry Maggie in the first act, particularly when she started to take a little more time saying her lines and adding the right emphasis.In the second, Catlin had an explosive gruffness as the straight talking, obstinate Big Daddy, to whom the brooding Brick confessed his troubles, and who told Big Daddy the truth about his health. Catlin and Schaefer played off each other well.Although a small part, Bretzke was convincing as the conniving Mae.As is usually the case with Domino productions, I really liked the cleverly designed set. The see through drapes and warm lighting made one feel the Mississippi heat.

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