Iran has also felt the heat from the international community

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replica handbags online Tehran has described the recent order by US President Donald Trump which temporarily bars citizens of six Muslim majority countries, replica bags including Iran an “open affront” and has promised to retaliate in a reciprocal manner. Government, Iran will implement the principle of reciprocity until the offensive US limitations against Iranian nationals are lifted,” the Ministry said in a statement quoted by.Tehran noted that it take appropriate consular, legal and political measures in order protect the dignity of all the Iranian people inside and outside the country, Press TV reports citing Iranian Foreign Ministry.On Friday, Trump signed an executive order imposing a blanket ban on all Syrian asylum seekers until changes are made to the refugee program. Citing national security concerns, the ruling also prohibits citizens from six Arab nations, including Iran, from entering the US for three months.Entry for people who hold US Green Cards will be reviewed in a case by case scenario, reports, citing White House officials.Tehran has slammed Trump decision as an affront replica handbags online.

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