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cheap jordans online The ability of ruckmen John Ceglar and Ben McEvoy to assist in defence when needed has also been a strength.Missing in actionHaving already broken his wrist earlier this season, Hodge is battling a knee injury and could be out for another five weeks. Key position utility Ryan Schoenmakers will miss at least another week with groin soreness while Roughead is unlikely to return to the side before the mid season bye.Stray factsThe Hill brothers, Bradley and Stephen, have faced each other six times in AFL football. Bradley Hawks have prevailed on five occasions, including the 2013 Grand Final and last year Preliminary Final.Of the 29 Hawks to have played senior football in 2016, only Mark Pittonet (6 possessions from one match), Schoenmakers (7.3 possessions over three matches) and O (9.8 possessions over four matches) average less than 10 touches per game cheap jordans online.

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