Seneca’s Seven Commandments (courtesy of Massimo Pigliucci)

I) I will look upon death or upon a comedy with the same expression of countenance.

II) I will despise riches when I have them as much as when I have them not.

III) I will view all lands as though they belong to me, and my own as though they belonged to all mankind.

IV) Whatever I may possess, I will neither hoard it greedily nor squander it recklessly.

V) I will do nothing because of public opinion, but everything because of conscience.

VI) I will be agreeable with my friends, gentle and mild to my foes: I will grant pardon before I am asked for it, and will meet the wishes of honourable men half-way.

VII) Whenever either Nature demands my breath again, or reason bids me dismiss it, I will quit this life, calling all to witness that I have loved a good conscience, and good pursuits.


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Good morning Hong Kong

Yet another grey and oppressive morning in Hong Kong. I’m relieved it is Friday to be completely frank.

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Hardcore History and The Bugle – two excellent podcasts

I’ve enjoyed the Hardcore History series by Dan Carlin, several episodes available for free on his website with an archive that can be purchased.

On a lighter note – I’d recommend The Bugle as probably the best comedy podcast on the web at the moment:

Great example of high quality direct to audience publishing.

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